With fleshy and reddish stems, small and succulent leaves, Purslane is a delicious edible plant that you will gonna love to know better!

Let´s talk about TOMATOES!!

That´s why tomato sauce is life!   The vegetable, that is actually a fruit, is one of the most loved all over the world. From raw to cooked, almost everyone likes tomatoes or recipes made with this juicy and unique fruit! “The tomato (lycopersicon esculentum) is an American plant with an American name. In Nahuatl, […]

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

EASY, DELICIOUS AND CRISPY    Today begins a new blog segment, this time a very helpful one that will bring quick and easy tips to help you in the kitchen,  in the garden, in your daily life in general. It can be a recipe, a DIY, cleaning tips, beauty tricks, anything, as long as it’s […]



AN EXTENSION OF MYSELF    You know when you feel the need to do something? When your body gets thrilled with the idea of doing that? Well this was what happens to me when the idea of making this blog came across my mind. Social media are too small to say all that I want, […]